Components for Board Games

Manu Graphics has the capability to produce all the elements required for your Board game, whether they are Playing Cards, Boards, Books, Tokens, or playing tiles. From Tokens to Complete shipment Packages we can provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions.

Game Boxes

Manu Graphics offers a diverse range of box options, ranging from timeless telescope and tuck boxes to intricately embossed tin boxes, magnetic lid boxes, and deck boxes. Our expertise in traditional printing and packaging enables us to handle unique shapes and designs. We enhance the visual appeal of our boxes with special finishes like spot UV, linen texture, foil stamping, and embossing, ensuring they truly stand out.

Game Board

A game board is an essential component of any board game (almost)! At Manu Graphics, we’re here to assist you in crafting a game board tailored to your specifications. Our capabilities include producing game boards with various fold options and sizes, all featuring reinforced edges for durability. We offer an array of paper types and finishes for the top surface, and we’re equipped to accommodate requests for die-cut double boards and other unique requirements.


Manu Graphics presents an extensive assortment of game cards. These cards are available in a diverse range of designs, sizes, and customization options. Employing methods such as printing, embossing, and spot UV, the potential for personalization and visual impact is boundless. The quality and feel of our game cards enhance the overall gaming experience, making them a remarkable addition to any board game.

Tokens,Tiles and Punch Boards

Manu Graphics offers a diverse collection of game tokens and tiles. These components are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and customization options. Techniques like printing, engraving, and embossing open up a world of possibilities for personalization and creativity. The tactile experience and durability of our tokens and tiles enhance the immersion and enjoyment of any board game, making them a valuable addition.


Manu Graphics can provide extensive support by collaborating with our manufacturing partners to create miniatures that match your desired size and shape. Our miniature production covers both resin and plastic materials, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. Additionally, we offer assistance in designing and generating the necessary 3D files, and drawing inspiration from your artwork or sculptures.

Wooden Components

Through collaboration with our manufacturing partners, Manu Graphics excels in offering comprehensive assistance. Our expertise extends to crafting wooden components in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. In addition to the conventional meeples, cubes, discs, and triangles available in our inventory, we specialize in producing custom-shaped wooden components. These components are meticulously detailed through techniques such as painting or precision laser engraving.


Indeed, dice hold incredible creative potential. At Manu Graphics, we leverage our partnerships to present an assortment of dice made from a variety of materials such as wood, resin, and acrylic. These dice can be personalized to your liking through methods like engraving, laser cutting, and printing. Our wide selection encompasses numerous colors, combinations, and sizes, empowering you to delve into a wealth of design possibilities.

Plastic components

Integrating plastic components can elevate your game experience. At Manu Graphics, in partnership with our manufacturers, we excel in producing an extensive range of plastic components in various shapes and sizes. We’ve witnessed the added excitement they bring to games. Our stock includes a variety of standard plastic items, while also offering the opportunity to design distinctive, personalized pieces that enhance your game’s uniqueness.

Metal Components

Indeed, in collaboration with our manufacturers, Manu Graphics offers a varied array of metal components, including coins and dice. Our selection boasts a wide spectrum of sizes, colors, and customization possibilities. Employing techniques like engraving, laser cutting, and printing, the options for personalization are virtually limitless. The durability and unique tactile quality of metal components make them an exceptional choice for elevating the gameplay of any board game.

Rule Books & Guides

Manu Graphics brings forth a versatile range of rule books and guides. These resources are thoughtfully designed, catering to various styles and preferences. We offer a diverse selection of sizes, formats, and customization choices. Utilizing techniques such as printing, binding, and cover finishes, the potential for creating comprehensive and visually appealing rule books is vast. Our rule books and guides are crafted to enhance the understanding and engagement of players, making them an essential companion to your board game.


In collaboration with our manufacturing partners, Manu Graphics introduces a diverse assortment of player mats. These mats are available in various sizes, shapes, and customization options. With techniques like printing, stitching, and edge treatments, the potential for personalization and quality is extensive. Our player mats provide an organized and engaging experience for players, adding both functionality and visual appeal to your board game.